Shrink the Haystack

Powerful Search and Discovery

Intelligence analysts are challenged daily with reviewing large amounts of diverse information from multiple sources to find the facts critical to their commanders’ missions. Topic Builder, an enterprise search, discovery and analytics application, significantly reduces these challenges by automatically monitoring all connected data sources for information relevant to a user’s missions and presenting that information for rapid analysis and decision making.

Topic Builder enables powerful search and discovery by characterizing the information of interest with combinations of keywords, taxonomic synonyms, geographic names, areas of interest, time constraints and entity facets. An advanced user interface helps the analyst examine the content, leveraging intelligent faceted navigation that categorizes the articles by entities extracted using natural language processing.

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  • Easy search and discovery over large data sets and multiple data types
  • Automatically associates data with facet entities
  • Monitors data sources for topic matches, reducing manual searching
  • Increases analyst efficiency with one view of data
  • Works in unclassified and classified environments