Over the past five years, ISS has emerged as a leader in the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) domain. From pure research to directly supporting space operations, our space programs are firmly focused on maintaining US space superiority through cutting-edge enterprise computing expertise and SSA domain knowledge; these allow ISS to architect robust solutions tailored to real-world operational requirements.

In support of SSA, ISS develops and deploys high-availability, service-oriented architecture (SOA) based systems. These enterprise solutions are currently used for mission-critical space operations, as well as to integrate and correlate differing SSA data to assist in anomaly resolution and threat detection. ISS space products specialize in locating, exposing, and acquiring relevant SSA data from a wide variety of sources; this acquired data can then be leveraged by the thick and thin-client visualization components by using maps, globes, tables, timelines, and other task-specific tools.

Space Situational Awareness

Key Features

  • Integrate a wide variety of data sources into “big data” clouds for analysis and visualization
  • Create and refine astrodynamic models to improve our nation’s ability to understand and predict the space environment
  • Develop client/server applications with smartphone and tablet applications for astrodynamic analysis and visualization

Customized Support

On-site 24/7 support provided for fielded enterprise systems such a system administration and direct operator support.

Hybrid software/hardware systems can be developed for controlling and managing SSA sensors with systems fielded worldwide.