The Only Dashboard for Platform Search and Visualization

Knowtify Search Analytics’ (KSA) new tile is the only solution for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) customers who need a dashboard that incorporates search with visualization of logs. KSA dashboards can be easily customized, saved and shared with other users.

ISS’ value-based pricing lets Cloud Foundry users start to use their Solr Cloud-based Tile cost-effectively and pay for value received all the way to 100 nodes!
Nima Badiey, Head of Pivotal Cloud Foundry Business Development
KSA abstracts the complexity of doing a Solr-Cloud installation down to a few mouse clicks and enables users to immediately point to Cloud Foundry’s Loggregator and ingest and visualize logs in the dashboard. KSA is the “easy button” for Cloud Foundry log diagnostics and analytics!
Wes Caldwell, CTO, ISS

If It’s Indexed in Solr, You Can See It (And Make Faster Decisions)

KSA offers powerful scaling and one-of-a-kind visualization capability. Based on Apache Solr, KSA delivers actionable knowledge at near-real-time speeds so your decisions are backed by live data.

  • Easy plug-in to foundational Cloud Foundry services
  • Pre-sharded for search and logging requirements — for up to 50 Solr Leader nodes with 50 additional follower nodes for high availability
  • Easily track health of Cloud Foundry nodes
  • Visualize data from multiple sources in one application
  • KSA’s Application Filter allows hex-based PCF application names to be aliased with friendly text names in order to make them easier to sort. KSA makes it easy to filter on applications in the visualization layer


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Some additional benefits related to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry eco-system are:

  • KSA is fully integrated with Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Cloud Foundry Loggregator.
  • KSA was designed to be dynamically scalable, as users don’t have to re-index until they exceed 50 Solr Cloud leaders.
  • KSA can be used to visualize data from multiple data sources in one application.

Take a Closer Look:

Watch our KSA Video

Click here to watch our Knowtify Search Analytics demo for more information about visualizing log information with KSA, click here to watch our Knowtify Search Analytics demo.

Available on Cloud Foundry


Single (1) collection scaled up to max of 10 nodes (leader or follower) – $5K/year. See example below.

Additional collections in increments of 1 or nodes in increments of 1–$5K/year/increment

High volume licensing – anything above 10 collections or 100 nodes – needs to be negotiated.

1 Collection capped at 10 Solr nodes $5K/yr
2 Collections capped at 20 Solr nodes 10K/yr
3 Collections capped at 30 Solr nodes 15K/yr
4 Collections capped at 40 Solr nodes 20K/yr