Knowtify Search Analytics (KSA) provides visualization and insightful understanding of your enterprise log data. Integrated with Apache Solr®, KSA provides cost-effective, actionable and timely intelligence to your enterprise.


Visualizing Your Search Data

Data flowing within a business generates a large number of log files stored as documents. Internal auditing and IT, as an example, require a view of these documents for application, security and infrastructure monitoring, whereas software developers leverage log data for application development and debugging.

KSA provides real-time data to visualize and analyze enterprise log data. From small businesses with millions of documents to large data centers with billions of documents, KSA’s customizable dashboards provide valuable insight for smart decision-making. ISS professional services are also available to help jump start your implementation to fully realize the benefit of comprehensive enterprise-wide search analytics.

Log Use Case

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  • Customize and filter your search results on a dashboard
  • Watch single or multiple applications per charting tool
  • Scalable solution from single to large application search analytics
  • Visualize log streams with dozens of configurable charting tools including histograms, scatter plots, word cloud, and maps


  • Monitor search data in near-real time to track activity and quickly search and report data latency
  • Eliminate the complexity of managing log streams from distributed machines, network routers, firewalls, servers and applications. With KSA you can visualize data from multiple data sources in one application
  • Detect and solve system failures faster
  • Gain insights into your security and compliance-related systems
  • Meet PCI & HIPAA Compliance & Auditing Requirements with KSA
  • Track Application Usage with Log-level Analysis. Log data can provide a real-time, 24/7 view into application performance and usage across client devices, locations and end users
  • Monitor key ongoing services to easily understand status and quickly identify problems
  • Realize substantial cost savings