Find. Know. Act.

The Knowtify Enterprise solution suite enables customers from any conceivable vertical to marshal massive amounts of data to make better decisions, faster. The Knowtify suite helps you integrate, analyze and produce actionable data — regardless of volume, data source, user or mission.

As customizable and flexible as it is powerful, Knowtify opens new vistas of data-driven performance for your enterprise, empowering lightning-fast insight based on your users’ unique needs and the demands of your strategy. Because you can’t act on what you can’t find or understand.

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  • Get your data connected
  • Optimize it for the results your users need
  • Find the threats and opportunities you couldn’t access before

Knowtify Search Analytics

Knowtify Search Analytics (KSA) provides visualization and insightful understanding of your enterprise log data. Integrated with Apache Solr®, KSA provides cost-effective, actionable and timely intelligence to your enterprise.

Performance solutions for public and private sector

Since 1997, ISS has built and deployed cutting-edge data and intelligence solutions that help our customers — from police departments to private sector enterprises to global counterterrorism agencies — make sense of massive amounts of data and lead them to the point of insight and action.

Solution areas include data visualization, event analysis, pattern detection, mission planning, data integration, data enrichment, enterprise search and mobile software using net-centric and enterprise architectures.

Our proven technology is built on a culture committed to putting our client’s mission first, and delivering cost-effective solutions. No two organizations — or objectives — are the same, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to build solutions that are extremely responsive to your unique challenges, environment and goals.

Working across disparate databases and data types, ISS technology and services can be delivered as a complete platform to solve important organizational challenges or as stand-alone components and training to enhance solutions provided by our strategic and technology partners.

We have specific solutions that span many industries including: