Over the past decade, an increase in the number of ISR sensors and platforms, coupled with the proliferation of those platforms throughout the theaters of conflict posed unique opportunity as well as challenges to war planners. Military leadership is faced with the task of how to best harness and distribute on a continuous basis the massive amounts of disparate data now accessible in real-time; and more importantly how to sort and prioritize this information and effectively ingest it into military planning and execution processes. Having an almost unlimited amount of real time and near real time intelligence information readily available to operators has changed “intelligence collection to operational action” cycles from days to hours and sometimes to even minutes and seconds, this scenario is especially true and plays out daily in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operations.

Currently, fielded ISS solutions support unit and force level air, land, and naval, intelligence and operations warfighters throughout the world.

Our technologies empower the warfighter to analyze intelligence data, prioritize and task ISR assets, and effectively report post mission status up and down the chain of command. Our solutions are uniquely positioned to enhance unit and force level ISR operations while also integrating ISR operations into the broader war effort to meet Combatant Commander objectives. What historically was a largely serial data flow relationship of intelligence data that originated from ISR assets, was then sent to intelligence analysts for evaluation and then finally to military leadership, planners, and operators for ingestion and action through military operations is now a parallel, integrated process. The current environment demands new technologies, as well as improved tactics, techniques, and procedures for both the military intelligence and operations communities to best harness and utilize the vast amounts of intelligence data in a timely fashion. With established, cutting edge solutions in both the intelligence and operations realms, coupled with an experienced, world class staff, ISS will continue to help shape the future of effective ISR operations.

Collection to Action

Leverage the context of the operational plan and integrated target lists to determine where ISR efforts are most needed.
Unique situational awareness for decision makers to see the strategic priority of each collection task on all ISR and Non-traditional ISR (NTISR)-capable platforms
Integrate with multiple mission-critical systems and view them on various visualization tools to ensure collection efforts are planned and executed in concert with strategic objectives and tasks.