The work environment at ISS is really laid back. We don’t have to dress formal everyday…and we’re kind of a tight-knit group. We like to joke around, have fun, but still do the work at the same time.
Colbi, Finance Major
I’ve learned so much at this internship! … a lot about programming, and I’m actually doing stuff that full-time employees do. …it’s not just me doing random work. It’s actually something that’s going to benefit me in the future.
Abin, Computer Engineering Major
A lot of people that work at ISS are really passionate about their jobs. It’s neat to work in an environment where people enjoy what they’re doing.
Emily, Advertising & Public Relations Major
I really like [the experience] because we get treated more like actual full-time employees than interns. We have a lot of responsibilities; it’s not just ‘You, intern! Go fill up the coffee maker!’ or ‘You, intern! Go do this paperwork for me!’ I actually get to be a part of a team and part of the actual experience…actually going and interacting with people and being part of the business process.
John, Information Systems Major
I would say that the nicest experience is a great learning environment. It’s very laid back; it’s a great place to get a lot of experience in the field.
Jessica, Experimental Psychology Major

Our internships integrate participants with career professionals emphasizing mentor-directed, degree related, real world task completion. During the internship participants engage in scientific or engineering research, development, and operations activities. In addition, there are non-technical internship opportunities to engage professional activities which support ISS business and administrative process.

ISS Internships can be full or part-time, conducted at an ISS facility or anywhere activities are ongoing to advance ISS’ missions.


ISS internships are available to high school through graduate level students attending full-time accredited programs appropriate to the ISS internship opportunity for which they receive an offer. U.S. citizenship is required. While ISS internships are available to students in a wide-variety of majors ranging from business to science and engineering, individual internship opportunities will target specific audiences.

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