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INDURE is a structured, “unclassified” yet secure, multi-lingual Internet database. Similar to CIDNE, it provides a capability for national, international, and non-Government groups to manage and share their individual and collective data within a single reporting environment in support of activities such as Security, Governance, Development, Humanitarian Assistance, Socio-Cultural Awareness and Assessments. Partnered with a geospatial tool called GeoQuest, INDURE provides situational awareness via customer-tailored filters and queries. INDURE is a key enabler for external civilian, law enforcement and military organizations to “transition” the lead for their activities to internal/local organizations. INDURE also provides organizations with an opportunity and means to view and combine valuable data from reports that normally would not be available to them.

INDURE also offers a mobile application, INDURE Mobile, that provides users with the ability to download, view, and apply feedback to mapped Force Protection reports, which represent the locations of possible threats. Currently INDURE Mobile operates within the Protected Internet Exchange (PiX) environment, supporting both online and offline capabilities and communicating with the INDURE server while connected.

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