Is Dfuze a Government Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) product?

No. Dfuze is a licensed product.

Who is Dfuze designed for?

Dfuze was designed to assist agency command staff, intelligence division chiefs, crime analysts, tactical intelligence officers, criminal investigators, patrol officers, and critical incident responders with using actionable data more effectively.

What products are available in the Dfuze suite?

The Dfuze suite includes Dfuze360, Dfuze Net, Dfuze Mobile, ReportDesk, and OnsiteC2.

Can I securely download intelligence from ReportDesk?

All data can be downloaded as secure Dfuze Transmission files for quick import into your Dfuze system.

What is the benefit of OnsiteC2?

OnsiteC2 gives Command the ability to not only monitor the geographical location of their assets while they are deployed, but also to view precisely what and where imagery was captured, allowing for an instant and informed decision to be made.