Dfuze-LogoDuring time-critical operations, getting the right information to the right people is vital for users and analysts alike. Dfuze, an Intelligence Management System, brings together a suite of tools for not only quickly and easily uploading data and media of any kind but also searching the data via linking features.

For example, using Dfuze Mobile together with Onsite C2, users can gather information directly from the scene—by taking a photograph, creating a video, or attaching any type of document—with a mobile device. Each file is then automatically sent to the C2 database for instant visualization and, using built-in mapping tools, identification of the source location.

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*International customers, please contact us through our subsidiary, ISS Global.


Product Suite

Key Features

  • Brings together the Dfuze suite of products
  • Allows for quick decision making
  • Provides full audit trail and compliance features
  • Utilizes bar code scanning and evidence tracking
  • Delivers fast search results via powerful linking features
  • Adds any type of data and/or media
  • Offers a configurable and flexible UI
  • Includes multilingual options
  • Runs on encrypted file systems
  • Enables fully encrypted sharing of data