Consulting That Lights the Way to Open-Source Enterprise Power

When gathering and making sense of massively disparate data is critical, ISS consulting steps in to bring clarity from chaos.

Building mission-targeted data frameworks that integrate open-source solutions to solve your problems is our key strength. In terms of building effective frameworks, we’ve already been where others are just now starting to go. Join with ISS to cut a shorter path from possibilities to outcome.

Enterprise-grade data frameworks that work well together are the “glue” that enables the fruits of big data: more insight, better decisions and amazing results. We are niche experts in integrating and extending open source frameworks.

We have the know-how and pedigree to guide you through any data integration challenge. We’ll show you how to connect and integrate open source frameworks, make them work seamlessly together and position your team to access insight that was previously hidden in mountains of scattered data.

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ISS consulting brings multi-faceted expertise to help you envision and execute success:

  • Data integration from any conceivable array of sources (Connector Development)
  • Custom software development to extend functionality of integrated data sources
  • Cloud environment architecture
  • An unparalleled wealth of Java and open-source knowledge
  • Rapid data migration to Solr, including moving from MS Fast

Let’s talk about your enterprise-level data strategy and how our open-source expertise can help.