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  • Intelligence Management

    Intelligence Management – Create a data repository of any type of information and use powerful search and linking tools

    The Dfuze™ Intelligence Management System allows customers in more than 22 countries to securely store and maintain all data related to virtually any incident including: IED, EOD, criminal gang, terrorist or firearm incidents and/or operations. This public safety software system provides a centralized view of all significant data on record, enabling rapid search and retrieval. With its built-in law enforcement analytical tools and secure data sharing, Dfuze™ provides an effective and powerful solution for data entry, data linking, data searching and data retrieval – end to end law enforcement intelligence management.

    The Dfuze Enterprise client allows users to operate in a server-based or stand-alone environment to securely store and share intelligence information. Media files can be attached and then associated with any record in the system through a robust linking capability. In addition, the easy-to-use data mining tool allows for the search of structured and unstructured data, and attached media to ensure the search leaves no stone unturned. Data is fully encrypted, can run on encrypted networks, and can also be translated for multi-lingual support to enable information sharing across communities.
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  • Web-Based Intelligence

    Dfuze Net
    Browser Based Intelligence – Access, edit and add to your Dfuze data via a web browser

    Dfuze Net provides all of the core functionality of the Dfuze Enterprise Client, but through a web browser that leaves no data behind on the access system. This enables users to access the public safety data they need from anywhere in the world while still maintaining security. With Dfuze Net’s built-in Command Control (C2) interface, users can view the location of incidents and operators connecting to the secure server using Dfuze Mobile or Dfuze OnSite C2. Command Control creates a common operating picture where intelligence can be fused with operations in near real time. Dfuze Net includes its own image viewer enabling high powered zooming, color inversion, grayscale filter and rotation, together wide side by side image comparison.

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  • Mobile Intelligence

    Dfuze Mobile
    Intelligence On the Move –Access, create and upload vital information from the scene back to Command

    Dfuze Mobile provides field operators with access to vital public safety data while en route or at the scene. The operative can view the information they need on the move, and upload scene information back to Command Control. Users can connect securely via Wi-Fi, cellular data or satellite giving them access to Dfuze public safety data from anywhere in the world. When used with Dfuze Net C2, commanders and support teams can monitor all Dfuze Mobile unit positions and associate all their incoming videos, photos and audio within the active operation. This provides them with a real time expanding Common Operational Picture. This comprehensive operational overview enhances the decision making process, allowing the correct decisions to be made quickly. Dfuze Mobile is available on a whole range of devices including the iPhone™, iPad™, Blackberry™ and Windows™ Mobile. Dfuze Mobile allows access to Dfuze Server data and can even automatically delete scene information after it’s been uploaded, leaving the field operators with no important information on the device – keeping data secure.

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  • Instant Data Intelligence

    OnSite C2
    From Scene to Screen: Transmit images and data from a scene in near real time to Command

    OnSite C2 allows users to simultaneously attach multiple images, videos and any type of document of any size, from or near to the scene of a law enforcement incident. These can then be initially reviewed in thumbnail format at Command and Control allowing an instant decision as to the necessary action required. OnSite C2 uses standard secure web connections to remotely access the Dfuze NET Server* and can operate and run on any Internet enabled Windows PC or Laptop. As with Dfuze NET, Command has the ability to monitor the geographical location of their assets whilst they are deployed and view precisely where imagery was captured. *OnSite C2 requires a Dfuze Net license.

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  • Open Source Intelligence

    Open Source Intelligence – A web based Counter-Terrorism repository that can be downloaded into secure files for quick upload into a Dfuze system

    ReportDesk is an open source intelligence IED database that is fully web-based, completely device agnostic and accessible from anywhere. ReportDesk also sends filtered, relevant reports of terror and IED related incidents to the user’s email. The product contains over 30,000 (updated daily) historical reports that:

    • Can be downloaded as secure Dfuze Transmission files for quick import into your Dfuze system
    • Allows searching, printing and report building of relevant information to assist in country threat briefings
    • Can be searched by date and location, then displayed on a map; giving you an unrivalled overview
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  • Advanced Analytics


    Raw data is valuable when given tools that provide crisp insight into its meaning–turning it into actionable law enforcement information. With Dfuze360, the user is able to take charge of their data in ways never thought possible. Dfuze360 is the latest evolution to the Dfuze Intelligence Management System, adding a robust analytical capability that allows for advanced visualization and analysis of already existing Dfuze public safety data and can also be configured to point to other disparate data sources.

    Advanced solutions – Leverage WebTAS for visualization and analysis of Dfuze and other data sources

    Dfuze360 helps to sort through large volumes of data and effectively shrink the haystack, helping users find the critical pieces of law enforcement information for which they are looking. The Dfuze360 toolset looks at data in multiple dimensions; for example, data can be viewed in time, space, charts, link analysis, tables, timetables, grids, and graphs either one at a time or simultaneously. Looking at the data in these ways helps users to formulate additional questions which can be searched for and answered immediately, providing a comprehensive analysis picture so that valuable conclusions can be made.

    • Supports simple and advanced searches
    • Allows for the building of custom reports and report template generation
    • Easily generates PowerPoint and other reoccurring reports
    • Offers numerous data visualization techniques to support real-time and historical (temporal) analysis
    • Displays other disparate data sources outside of Dfuze to allow for fusion of multiple datasets
    • Creates grids, tables, timelines, link analysis, geospatial analysis, entity and text extraction
    • Offers built-in collaboration tools
    • Collects data in the systems that the user currently uses; integrates on top of data to search, mine, and visualize results
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