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The Dfuze™ Intelligence Management Suite

ISS is committed to delivering solutions to the public safety and law enforcement community through its proven Dfuze™ software suite. With customers across 22+ countries, ISS’ Dfuze suite allows organizations to capture and analyze critical information through the power of data integration and sharing, visualization and intelligence analysis. Seventeen years of experience, combined with world-class software development, allow ISS to deliver products and solutions that drive a commitment we share with our customers – making the world a safer place.

We help those working in public safety navigate the post-9/11 security environment—managing risk, meeting the demand for accountability and driving better intelligence and decision-making while maximizing every available resource.

The proliferation of organized and transnational crime, and the need to disrupt and defeat organized criminal networks, has made cross-agency data and information sharing an operational necessity. Investigators, analysts, and executive decision makers need the technology and expertise that can quickly turn their data into information, to deliver valuable operational knowledge and actionable intelligence, providing a faster, clearer picture of the criminal and counter-terrorism environment.

The Dfuze Suite equips your agency with the situational awareness and collaborative capabilities—across every role and function—optimizing your efforts at crime prevention, security threat deterrence, and incident response.

Delivering the means to explore, transform, and disseminate information in unique and dynamic ways, the Dfuze IM Suite gives your agency organizational mastery over information, enabling you to see the right data, in the right way, at the right time. Empowering your command staff to make the right decisions, you will guide and direct your people in ways that will allow them to do their jobs securely, safely, efficiently, and effectively.

The four individual products within the Dfuze Suite have been specifically designed to meet the key objectives of public safety organizations, providing capabilities that meet users’ needs at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.


The Dfuze Intelligence Management Suite® consists of four distinct solution capabilities:

DfuzeIR is a critical incident response management system composed of three integrated software tools that allow public safety agencies to effectively identify, understand, and respond to complex, large-scale events, threats, and hazards. With DfuzeIR, field operators and decision makers are given real-time access to all vital pieces of information as a major incident unfolds.

DfuzeIR consists of three integrated solution capabilities:

DfuzeDS gives individual agencies the power to concurrently integrate, share, and review one another’s data. This allows analysts, investigators, and decision-makers from across multiple, partnering agencies to see the big picture of crime and public safety together, enabling them to overcome the limits of operational myopia and streamline strategic coordination and collaboration.

Read more about DfuzeDS in our data sheet.

Dfuze360 offers a powerful and intuitive analytical and visualization application that enables analysts and investigators to seamlessly convert crime data into intelligence.

Dfuze360 can be configured to connect directly to any internal (hosted) or external data source, structured or unstructured. Dfuze360 then accesses this data without any need to move the data source’s location or alter its design.

Read more about Dfuze360 in our data sheet.

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  • Easily query data to perform complex analyses and visualize the answers to your questions in vivid, meaningful, and insightful ways.
  • Perform predictive analyses that enable you to forecast events and anticipate tactical responses.
  • Achieve near-real time situational awareness of critical incidents, enabling incident commanders to coordinate and manage intelligence-driven responses to dynamic, unfolding tactical situations.

Used by These Public Safety Professionals

  • Agency Command Staff
  • Intelligence Division Chiefs
  • Crime Analysts
  • Tactical Intelligence Officers
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Patrol Officers
  • Critical Incident Responders

Dfuze Suite

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Use Cases

Knowing the origin of weapons that are used in conflicts around the world is invaluable for driving research, analysis and policy making. Conflict Armament Research (CAR) was founded to provide this service in 2011, staffed primarily by former UN arms inspectors. CAR field teams now work on the ground at dangerous hotspots from Syria to the Sudan, cataloging weapons and ordnance to determine which country’s weapons are fueling deadly regional conflicts—and looking for the critical points of diversion into illicit arms markets.

As large influxes of newly supplied weapons shape the dynamics of conflicts around the world, CAR teams have used Dfuze’s analytical power and specialized modifications for iTrace to make immediate visual sense of massive amounts of data, driving intense interest in the media and from international organizations who see the tool’s value.

Download CAR Data Sheet

For the past decade, ISS has teamed with multiple U.S. federal agencies to track and curb criminal activity. Daily, over a thousand U.S. Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intelligence analysts, field agents, and other law enforcement personnel leverage ISS technology to successfully protect our nation. ISS technologies and subject matter experts routinely support operations executing counter drug, terrorism, and intelligence missions as well as maritime domain awareness, anti-migration and smuggling, and cyber missions.

Leveraging this pedigree, law enforcement agencies are able to benefit from a wealth of shared experience, technology, and best practices. For example, in the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center (WRTAC)–the fusion center for D.C. Metro PD, ISS solutions are enabling law enforcement personnel to aggregate, share, and analyze data to identify trends and detect hotspots.

In the aftermath of a bombing, investigators were recovering debris from the scene looking for evidence of the IED used in the attack. Small fragments of blast damaged plastic were found, and upon closer inspection, these fragments showed embossed lettering and numbers. The details were entered into ISS’ Dfuze suite which instantly returned a match. The item found at the scene contained identical markings to a 9 volt battery holder listed in the Power Source database within the system. This gave the investigators a strong indication that the power source for the IED’s time and power unit (TPU) had utilized the same 9 Volt battery holder. Further analysis of other investigations showed a similar modus operandi involving the same TPU Investigations of further incidents showed that the same 9 Volt battery holder was used in other TPUs.

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