Intelligent Software Solutions

For both commercial and government organizations, the edge in competitiveness, profit, efficiency and service delivery will be found in the ability to organize, structure and exploit data.

Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) turns the chaos of large, disparate data sources into clarity that helps analysts with every conceivable mission. You can now make sense of this data and help your organization see opportunities and solve problems — faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


ISS develops sophisticated data visualization, event analysis, pattern detection, mission planning, and mobile software to turn information overload into information advantage. We provide expertise in diverse fields such as Intelligence, C4ISR, Cyber, Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics, Data Fusion, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Space Command and Control, and many others. Learn more


ISS delivers products and professional services to integrate, analyze and produce actionable data — regardless of volume, data source, user or objective. Our Knowtify Enterprise solution suite enables customers from any industry vertical to marshal massive amounts of data to make better decisions, faster. Learn more